Hi there!

I’m Johnson, currently a full stack software engineer at Snappymob (KL, MY), and simultaneously (with granted liberty) offering my expertise at Guide Analytics (ON, CA).

Japorized is a pseunonym that I go by online. You can easily find me through my pseunonym on various social media, discussion forums and digital spaces, Gitlab, and Github.

Problem solver

I enjoy solving mathematical and technical problems, and I love digging into why something works the way it does, or why it doesn’t work in a way that we expected, and then share that knowledge with someone. However, I’m not a fan of quizzes or trivia, and I find it difficult to perceive rotations of a rubix cube as group operations.


I am a introvert, and I am not ashamed of the fact that I am one, and I find power in the fact that I am one. I believe that many people, and the world, will find that introversion is not a flaw but simply another trait just as extroversion, and that the world may be a better place should it glorify extroversion less. The hours that I spend alone lets me explore my own thoughts at my own pace and leisure, away from a world that just can’t stop talking.


I like listening to the stories shared by other people, especially their own tale. I find it interesting to learn how someone came to be who they are today, and I find that I can learn from the mistakes they’ve made, and whether I’d like to make those mistakes myself (surprisingly, there are mistakes that I believe should be made).


I enjoy writing, be it for leisure, or for technical referencing purposes. I like to keep my writing in well-designed spaces, e.g. digitally on a website, like my site that you’re visiting. Previously, I enjoyed writing in nicely designed hard-cover books, but only to be repeatedly disappointed by my own handwriting.

Lightweight gamer

In extension of all the above, I enjoy playing games with a good story or lore behind the gameplay. A well-expanded world view, or an intricate character development easily satiates my occasional thirst for a good story.

Not a storyteller

Unfortunately, despite my enjoyment in listening to stories, reading about stories, and writing proses, I am not much of a storyteller myself.